Farmville charges $27.54/month more than Greenville for H2O & sewer acc. to updated chart

The UNC School of Government NC Water and Wastewater Rates Dashboard has just been updated. By using it we can compare water and sewer rates in the Town of Farmville with others in municipalities in NC. The listed rates are per 5,000 gallons. Farmville’s water rate was increased by 14% on July 1, 2022 and its sewer rate by 5%.

The Town of Farmville buys water from the Greenville Utilities Commission. A GUC customer in Greenville pays $74.04 per month for 5,000 gallons ($32.84 for water plus $41.20 for sewer). In Farmville, for that same amount, we pay $101.58 ($56.49 for water plus $45.09 for sewer). Over the course of one year the Farmville customer pays $330.48 more than the Greenville customer.


Farmville $56.49 water + $45.09 sewer = $101.58

Greenville Utilities Commission $32.84 water + $41.20 sewer = $74.04

La Grange $30.85 water + $49.92 sewer = $80.77

Pinetops $35.71 water + $46.37 = $82.08

Rocky Mount $$21.57 water + $28.50 sewer = $50.07

Tarboro $19.83 water + $26.61 sewer = $46.44

Use this link to find the updated rates. The Farmville sewer rate was not reported, but it is $45.09 for 5,000 gallons. That makes the water plus sewer rate $101.58 for 5,000 gallons.

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