Use rate calculator to compare Farmville water & sewer rates to other NC municipalities

With the rate calculator from the UNC School of Government linked below it is easy to compare Farmville water and sewer rates with those of surrounding areas. Make sure that you accept the terms for the site. After that, click on the box which will show you WATER AND SEWER BILLS. You can scroll to Farmville, to Greenville Utilities Commission, to Snow Hill or to any other municipality in NC.

The water and sewer bills they give are for 5,000 gallons. Many households typically use 5,000 gallons in one month, but your typical usage might be below or above that. You will see that Farmville currently charges $101.22 for water and sewer for 5,000 gallons. The water portion of that will go up by 14% next month, on July 1, while the sewer portion will go up by 5%.

The Greenville City customers with Greenville Utilities Commission (the Town of Farmville also buys our water from GUC) pay $73.05 for water and sewer for 5,000 gallons. Their water portion of that bill will go up by 3.1% on July 1.

Right now, a Farmville home using 5,000 gallons per month pays $28.17 per month more or $338.04 per year more than a Greenville home for water and sewer. After July 1, 2022 the Farmville home will pay even more than that compared to the Greenville home.

Snow Hill customers pay $80.50 for water and sewer for 5,000 gallons. The median for North Carolina customers is $81.60. You may look up all of these figures and more on the following dashboard.

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