Experience of God’s provision in Guatemala

In August eleven of us from Farmville went on a mission trip to Misioneros Del Camino children’s home in Guatemala. It was the first time that my husband Rocky and I had been back since we adopted our daughter, Sonia, in October of 1998. I have kept in touch with Beatriz who was and is a social worker connected with MDC and I let her know of our upcoming visit.  In early 1997 her mother, a nurse, and her father agreed to serve as foster parents for Sonia when she got out of the neonatal unit at Roosevelt Hospital in Guatemala City.  Sonia was so small it was better for her to avoid groups of children and possible germs. (We knew nothing of Sonia or  MDC until 1998.)

Once in Guatemala Rocky, Sonia and I were invited to lunch at the home of Beatriz’s parents, Fidel and Edelmira Macz. Apparently that is quite an honor in their culture. Beatriz drove an hour from Guatemala City to pick us up in Sumpango. Fidel and Edel, along with their grown son Christian, warmly welcomed us and were visibly moved by seeing Sonia again.  They were  proud of their townhouse and asked  how we liked it. They showed us the master bedroom where Sonia’s crib had been and the spot where they gave her a bath. Christian, a music teacher, told us how he would play the piano and how much Sonia seemed to enjoy it. After a delicious home-cooked meal we went to the living room to talk more. We spoke mostly in Spanish and it was one of the most memorable conversations of my life.

Once back in the U.S.  I wrote this post to describe the day. “Sitting in the Guatemalan home of a couple we’d never met learning that Sonia lived w/them for 7 months & that their church friends came there & prayed she’d be adopted by a Christian family or a pastor’s family … MIND-BLOWING!”  Senor and Senora Macz described how church friends gathered in that living room and prayed for Sonia to be adopted by a Christian family. Someone even suggested she might be adopted by a pastor’s family. Before this we had thought Sonia was in the hospital for a month or two after birth and that she stayed with the Macz family for an additional two or three months. We learned that she had been in the hospital almost three months and stayed with them approximately seven months.

Coming away from that day I thought to myself, “How could I ever doubt God’s hand on Sonia’s life? How could I do anything but trust in God’s provision for her?” (There were other extraordinary things that led up to her being our daughter.) A few weeks later I was mulling over  these things. Although it might be more noticeable to see God’s hand in the working of an adoption, isn’t it equally amazing to see God’s hand on the life of any child?  To see a newborn baby gives all of us hope and a brighter perspective. Basically, human life is incredible and intricate. If we take time to notice, we see how unique and special every individual is. Each person is created in God’s image. Each has a gift. It is up to us to affirm this beautiful fact and to encourage young and old to see God’s hand on their lives.

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